Cleanroom standard ISO 14644-1 recommends to realize an annual measurement, and a Technical Cleaning Data Center when dust level exceed. Technical Cleaning must be realized by specialized personnel. With techniques and tools designed for cleaning without re-contaminate the environment or disturbing the Data Center functionality.

Servers Technical Cleaning

First of all and starting from top of the Clean Room. Then a superficial racks and grills cleaning  by the use a wet cloth and superficial vacuum. Followed by the racks and corridors, next the front of servers. Finally the free space between the floor and subfloor (the most important area of a Data Center in matter of cleaning), through the plenum generally cold air is distributed.


Correctly Data Center floor cleaning dissipates the static electricity. Dirt reduces the dissipating property of raised floor tiles. Floor must be cleaned tile by tile, removing all tiles possible, then cleaned and installed again in the room, with final levelling.

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Technical Cleaning pictures


  • Extends Life of new devices installed inside the Clean rooms, avoiding contamination
  • Minimizes Fire Risk as a consequence of dust accumulated inside the hardware
  • Avoids electrostatic shock that may cause transmission errors between machines
  • Avoids iron material existence (oxyd)
  • Minimizes mechanic corrosion and hardware failures
  • Minimizes air pollution
  • Cancells alive contamination
  • Avoids the cleaning by no qualified personal that may caused systems shut downs
  • Maintains the Data Center environment free of contaminating particles
  • Extends the lifespan of filters of the cooling units
  • Avoids the corrosive cleaning products use that may attack the hardware and contaminate the air


A Technical cleaning consists of a series of actions in order from top to bottom of the room in order to collect the maximum amount of dust suspended in the atmosphere. A technical cleaning should be performed by qualified personnel used to working in Data Center environments.


 Raised Floor:

  • Removing large waste
  • Vacuum Waste & Vacuum of micro-particles
  • Thorough cleaning with special products for data cables, power cables, cable trays, rosettes, raised floor structure

 Floor Tiles:

  • Removal of the tile
  • Cleaning the outside of the room with no aggressive products
  • Positioning and Leveling with Laser the tiles
  • Cleaning the top of the tile.

Data cabling and power:

  • Aspiration of micro-particles
  • Clean the surface of the wires.

Racks and Hardware:

  • Aspiration external racks.
  • Dry cleaning of critical areas.
  • Cleaning Rack and door sheet metal or glass.
  • Internal Aspiration in front of equipment installed in racks.


  • Vacuum with HEPA filter (filtering particles down to 0.3 microns) and accessories
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filter
  • Special Chemical Products (non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-harmful to the environment and Anti-Static)
  • Special Brushes for any type of surface and corners.
  • General cleaning equipment.
  • Counter / Particle Meter

materials and tools technical cleaning


Download Data Sheet: Contamination Control Mats

A Data Center is a protected environment and generally hermetic. 80% of the powder and dust in the critical area is introduced through the doors with feet when the technicians go inside the Clean Room. 5% due to cabling sealing deficiency or on piping, and last 15% due to the servers and other devices (Source: 3M).


Contamination Control Mats located at the main entrances, outside of the Clean Rooms, avoid the 99% of the powder and dust going inside the Clean Room at floor level.

Contamination Control Mats

Contamination Control Mats correctly installed and maintained give important benefits:

  • Larger servers lifespan
  • Data loss and read/write errors reduction
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Trustworthiness installation improvement

The polymeric composition of the mat gives different advantages:

  • Optical smooth surface, flexible. Maximum contact with shoes and casters with the Mats.
  • High superficial energy (Van de Vaal forces). Maximum gathering and retention of the all particles size
  • Ability to pick / hold the contamination in a big size range of particles. With the efficient elimination in the range from 2 to 10 micrometers
  • With a simple and regular cleaning regime, guarantee the effective contamination control during a few years.
  • It picks the contamination throw a complete floor coverage
  • The eliminated particles trapped in the controlled medium blocking in this way the freeing in the air.


  • APPLE in UAE
  • DIFC – Dubai Government in UAE
  • ABU DHABI Police in UAE
  • HSBC in UAE
  • BP in Irak
  • DEUTSCH TELECOM in Saudi Arabia
  • INTERXION Spain and France
  • CONTINENT 8 in Gibraltar
  • TELEFONICA in Spain
  • COLT in Spain
  • EQUINIX in Spain
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