Data Centers are one of the most critical installations for the quantity and importance of the information stored.

Government and Military Data Centers normally are protected against Electromagnetic Shielding with Faraday Cages because of the following:

  • Military NEMP/EMP
  • HEMP / NEMP Protection
  • EMP Bunkers and Shelters
  • Electronic theft
  • Data theft
  • Eavesdropping
  • Sabotage
  • Tampering and Altering Information
  • Cyber warfare, Cyber crime
  • Solar storms
  • Low Frequency Magnetic Fields

But Protective measures are no longer the exclusive domain of military, intelligence, forensic and governmental bodies. The high-performance shielding products are available for any company or legal entity taking its data protection seriously.

Picture VR360 of an Electric Shielding Room


Copper foil has both Electric Field high Shielding properties (till 120 dB), and Magnetic Field. It has an easy installation method, thanks to its special wall, ceiling and floor adhesive. It has an excellent closing capacity forming a Faraday Cage, included in the case of low frequencies. The system is easy to mount in reinforced doors. The Copper standard width is 1.000 mm and the sheet can be delivered in coil or in tailor-made pieces.

Electrical Field Honeycomb Fileter


  • Worthwhile / It occupies only a few space
  • Light weight / high floor load
  • Installed with local workforce
  • Standard finishing possible with pladur
  • Delivered with 2 years warranty
  • Without maintenance need

Electromagnetic Shielding


  • Data Centers
  • Server Rooms
  • EMC test room
  • Computer rooms
  • Medical exam room
  • Physiotheraphy rooms
  • Radar protection / Airport
  • TEMPEST places
  • EMC military Shielding
  • Shielding of Conference Rooms
  • Industrial spying / security rooms
  • Intelligence agencies buildings


Fabric Tents EMI/RFI are made of a hight conductive texil. The applications are typically EMC experiments, RF measuring, forensics/military activities and personal protection in the field. The Farady fabrics offer mobile solutions for only a price fraction comparing the conventional Faraday cage. To fix the Faraday Fabric is fast and very easy. They are delivered in the standard mode with multiple cords to make easier the assembling to the ceiling or with a freestanding frame. Optionally the Farady Fabric can be delivered with an easy set up frame and /or plastic lock. The RFI/EMI shield fabric are made of an high conductive material, light and ultra durable.

Military Electrical Shield Tent


  • Easy set up and moving
  • Mobile Laboratory
  • Every size possibility
  • Optionally it can be delivered with a reinforced rigid floor

Electrical Shield Data Center


  • Computer Rooms
  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunications Rooms
  • Military Field
  • Embassies
  • TEMPEST Security
  • Radar Jammer Shielding
  • Electromagnetic/Electrosmog protection
  • Test rooms Pre-cumpliance
  • Temporal electromagnetic shield
  • Reverberation (RVC)
  • Mode Agitation camera (MSC)