Download Data Sheet: Non Raised Floor InRow Plinth

Seismic control plinth designed to minimize effects of earthquakes in IT devices, by reduction of acceleration, useful for Legacy and New Development Data Centers.

Patented Solution designed for Data Center protection against external vibrations and earthquakes:

  • Seismic Hazard
  • Civil Works or Data Center growth
  • Nearby Emergency Generators
  • InRow and CRAC units
  • Railways or Heavy Traffic

Installation on live Data Centers by our trained team upon request.


  • Innovative design manufactured with 2 dependent frames for both vertical and horizontal energy absorption
  • Easy adaptable for W300 mm-D1,000-1,200 mm (until D48” in US versión)
  • 6 vertical suspensions to give more stability in the case of earthquake, with heavy duty spring elements supplemented with 100% stainless steel energy absorbers
  • Triple vibration isolation:
  • 1 – Damping at a very low frequency: 4.5 Hz at nominal load
  • 2 – Elimination of high frequencies by elastomeric M1 Class soles upon request. This sole is non-slip and ensures the protection of raised floor.
  • 3 – Incorporation of safety dampers for overload up to 10 times the nominal load.
  • 6 lateral displacement energy absorbers designed to 6.2 Richter as standard, stronger design upon request
  • Design totally metallic according Data Centers FIRE protection standards
  • 99% vibration absorption between 100 Kg and 500 Kg from 50 Hz
  • Nonslip soil for internal frame in the case of not possible to screw for fixing
  • Total level of the rack once installed
  • Noncorrosive
  • Dielectric nonconductive to avoid currents leakage
  • Easy size adaptable to InRow dimensions depending of vendor and model
  • Very low resonance frequency during a wide range of loads supported


Reference Nominal Load (Kg) Natural Frecuency (Hz) Free Height H (mm) Width W (mm) Depth D (mm)
955900 – S2 500 Kg/rack 4-5 135 300 1,000-1,200*

 * W12” and D42”-48” in US versión