Download Data Sheet of UV-C Disinfectant Robot: Robot.pdf

Disinfection of Critical Environments provides important benefits:

  • Minimize air pollution and remove alive contaminants
  • Keep the Critical Environment free of suspended alive contaminants
  • Minimize possible infections of the personnel because virus and bacteria

Dust can cause irreversible damage to computer systems to obstruct heat sinks and cooling systems that lead to overheat and cause an increased risk of fire hazard.

In other hand, Viruses and Bacteria in the Air can infect the personnel and have nobody to manage the Critical Rooms in few days.

To keep Critical Rooms safe is needed a combination of a good Cleaning Procedure and constant Disinfection of the Environment, autonomous at nights with maximum performance and minimum cost.



Battery Manufacturer LG
Battery Voltage 14,8 V
Battery Capacity 6400 mA·h
Battery Energy 94,72 W·h
Main Wavelength 254 nm
UV-C Lamp Voltage AC 220 V
UV-C Lamp Intensity 0,18 A
UV-C Lamp Power 40 W
High 1240 mm
Width 340 x 340 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Average m2/night 400 m2/night


Name of the Study Germicidal robot microbiological analysis.
Certification Entity Department of microbiology and ecology of the University of Valencia for General Studies.

Name of the Study Microbiological study to measure the disinfectant power of the robot.
Certification Entity Hispano-Luso Institute for Agricultural Research (CIALE) of the University of Salamanca.