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SECURE TECHNICAL ROOMS is focused in design VIBRATION and SEISMIC Data Center. Above all, we also offer services of Technical Cleaning and Shielding of Critical Rooms.

First of all, the Information we use all days is stored in multiple Data Centers. Almost our cellular mobile data, emails, corporate info, National Health, Bank Accounts, Taxes, etc. Therefore Data Centers are specially designed to be redundant in:

  • Cooling and Power
  • Connectivity
  • Fire and Water leakage protection
  • Restricted Access
  • High Physical Security
  • even more…

Problem: Vibration & Seismic Data Center

Vibrations corrupt data in Seismic Data Centers

Due to Unexpected Accelerations arriving to IT devices the data can be corrupted, because of External Vibrations from different sources:

  • Nearby Constructions,
  • Vibrations because Railways,
  • Heavy Traffic,
  • Generators start
  • Fan of Cooling Units,
  • finally and most important the Seismic Hazard 

Effects of Vibrations and Earthquakes on Disk Drives

The following data of technical data sheets of different manufacturers indicates that during the vibration or seismic activity with peak accelerations exceeding 0.5g the drives would be subject to forces that could cause permanent damage and loss of readable data.

Manufacturer’s Model # Max. g / Operating Max. g /
Frequency Range
DEC – Alpha Server – #8200 -0.5 g (f@0.01) 0.5 g – 1.0 g 2-22 hz/ 22-500 hz
DEC – Alpha Server – #4100 1.0 g N / A 10-500 hz
DEC – RZ 26 Drive Unit 0.2 g N / A 5 hz / 5-22 hz
DEC – RZ 28 Drive Unit 0.5 g (f@0.01) 0.5 g 5-22 hz
DEC – RZ 29 Drive Unit 0.5 g (f@0.04) 0.5 g 5-22 hz / 5-400 hz
HP – Model 20 Drive Unit 0.25g N / A 5-2000 hz
HP – Enterprise 9000 0.2-0.5 g 0.5 g – 1.0 g 5-500 hz
SGI – Origin Fibre Vault 0.25 g N / A 5-2000 hz
SUN – Class III Drive 0.25 g (all axis) 1.0 g (all axis) 5-500 hz

The low frequency forces generated by seismic waves (s) are generally more destructive than higher frequency vibrations due to their longer periods generated with larger amplitudes. Can affect the IT systems, causing problems like:

  • Increment of Latency in the operations
  • Increment of delays in calculus and storage
  • Increase of power consumption
  • Errors in the process of Reading / Writing data
  • Corruption of the Data Bases
  • Losing of Information
  • Broken of Hard Disks
  • Disconnection of cabling and fibers
  • Extra hours paid in recovering the backups
  • Non accomplish of SLA’s
  • Raised Floor Collapse in the case of earthquake
  • Partial or full shut down of the entire Data Center

Seismic Data Center

Non Raised Floor Plinth 3D

Picture VR360 of real Seismic Data Center.

Consequently we designed and patented solutions able to reduce level of external vibration that will arrive to the IT devices as a result. We offer best Vibration & Seismic Data Center solution:

  • 99% Absorption upon the frequency
  • Fireproof because of the Metallic shock absorbers
  • Practically independent of the load
  • Military Technology with huge expected life
  • Seismic Data Center Patent solutions
  • With real Energy Absorption hence we are able to reduce the level of the accelerations that will arrive to the IT Equipment
  • Only solution in the market of Seismic Data Center with real absorption (the rest just use displacement and friction to dissipate energy, no absorption)
  • Zone 4 GR-63 certification with all 3 axes X, Y and Z, public Official Laboratory Videos of the Test can be seen in our YOUTUBE channel

Seismic Data Center Test

As a result, we designed different Seismic Data Center solutions based in the level of protection, magnitude of the earthquake, origin, device to protect, etc., for the whole Data Center:

Metallic Plinth - Concrete Slab in Seismic Data Centers


  • ALSTOM in France, electronics racks in military ships
  • GENERAL ELECTRIC in France, electronics racks in military ships
  • BOMBARDIER in Italy, raised floor in high speed trains
  • HITACHI in Italy, 4 pieces in high speed trains
  • ENDESA  in Spain, almost more than 200 slabs for transformers
  • MINERIA ESCONDIDA in Chile, metallic plinths
  • CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR PLANT in Ukraine, special metallic plinth for critical UPS
  • EUROPEAN UNION TRADE MARK REGISTER in Spain, metallic plinths
  • TELEFONICA in Peru, metallic plinths for main data center
  • REPSOL in Peru, metallic plinths for main data center and DC in Containers
  • HOSPITAL in Manresa, Spain, suspended concrete slab
  • SPANISH PARTICLES ACCELERATOR, almost 40 concrete slabs
  • PEMEX in Mexico, suspended concrete slab
  • MADRID UNIVERSITY, 1 Hz suspended concrete slab
  • DUBAI FINANCIAL CENTER in UAE, individual suspensions
  • GOVERNMENT OF MALTA, individual suspensions
  • REPSOL in Venezuela, individual suspensions
  • BANC SABADELL in Spain, individual suspensions
  • IBERDROLA in Spain, individual suspensions

Technical Cleaning

A Data Center is a closed environment due the critical cooling requirements. Environment increases the level of contamination probably affecting the security and performance of the IT devices. Air pollution comes from chemical, mechanical and electrical sources:

Pollution in Data Centers

The role of Technical Cleaning is to minimize all contamination from different environmental factors. Providing a comprehensive overview of tools. Cleaning methods and applications for the successful upkeep of sensitive environments.

Have a look to the pictures of real servers during a process of maintenance. Because all dust in the room is going to circulate through the grill, units and finally obstructing the ventilation.

Dust inside the servers

Certainly, the correct Clean Policy of the data center must help to reduce shut down and failures in the cases of:

  • new developments
  • nearby constructions
  • refurbish of near server rooms
  • or normal use of existing data centers

Therefore we perform Professional Technical Cleaning under ISO 14644-1 standard.

We also provide Contamination Control Mats. As an active element and due its magnetic properties. Is able to absorb 99% of dust before entering to the room.

The contamination control tiles provide important benefits:

  • Longer equipment life
  • Reducing loss of data and read / write errors
  • Reduced maintenance cost itself
  • Improved reliability of the facilities

Contamination Control Mats


  • APPLE in UAE
  • DIFC – Dubai Government in UAE
  • ABU DHABI Police in UAE
  • HSBC in UAE
  • BP in Irak
  • DEUTSCH TELECOM in Saudi Arabia
  • STC in Saudi Arabia
  • INTERXION Spain and France
  • CONTINENT 8 in Gibraltar
  • TELEFONICA in Spain
  • COLT in Spain
  • EQUINIX in Spain
  • INDRA in Spain
  • CARREFOUR in Spain
  • BBVA Bank in Spain
  • LA CAIXA BANK in Spain
  • PROCTER & GAMBLE in Spain


Finally we offer solutions of Electromagnetic Shielding.

First of all we install electromagnetically shielded Faraday Cages for data centers. Due to the integrated filtered cables and shielded pipelines. We create a
radiation-protection wall around your sensible IT equipment.
So, the electromagnetic barrier will withstand any attack or pulse.

As a result we can solve High Frequency problems like:

  • Electronic theft
  • Data theft
  • Eavesdropping
  • Sabotage
  • Tampering and Altering Information
  • Cyber warfare, Cyber crime
  • Solar Storms
  • Solar Flares

Solar Storm

And Low Frequency Magnetic Fields originated by different sources like:

  • Transformer rooms
  • power lines
  • busbar systems
  • and high-voltage cables


  • Dutch Navy  in The Netherlands
  • Medical Center UZ Brussel, in Belgium
  • University Hospital Leuven, in Belgium
  • Forensic Laboratory in USA
  • F35 projects
  • Technopolis Data Room in Finland
  • Tenerife Hospital in Spain
  • AEAT Data Center in Spain
  • Torre Espacio Data Center in Spain
  • TELEFONICA Data Center in Spain
  • and other Confidential Projects

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