With the Aim to offer the best performance solution as requested, the following introduce the fully protection for a Critical Data Center including:

  • Contingency Rooms
  • Electromagnetic Shielding + Burglary Protection
  • Seismic Protection

High Level Bunker-Shelter-Vault including Electromagnetic Shielding, Electronic Theft, Cyber Crime, Solar Storms, Burglary and Seismic Protection.


Because not only the information is important, also people managing IT devices is so important in time of crisis like Nuclear Disaster, Health Pandemic, Terrorism Attack, etc.

  • We design a secure working area, where personnel is able to work comfortable 24/7  with sensitive information.
  • Strong rooms, designed to provide a significant physical protection for the information and also key people.
  • A protected space where information and people may seek shelter in during a crisis.

External Bunker

Internal Bunker

We have large experience in designing and contructing critical rooms with military technology and high protection level against:

  • Earthquakes
  • Vibration
  • Electromagnetic Weapons
  • Electronic Theft
  • Cyber Crime
  • Solar Storms
  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • etc

Designed spaces to protect Critical Environtments, yourself and your people in comfortable working and living spaces for crisis moments.


These rooms may be realized in different dimensions with very high attenuation values, up to 100 dB in a frequency range from 9 KHz to 10 GHz.

They have very particular specifications and are normally used to certify or qualify electronic products. They are realized in metal panels with interposed shielded gaskets.

Doors projected are also realized with very precise locking mechanisms and the inclusion of metallic fingers and gaskets. Interconnections are filtered both for the electrical mains lines and for the interconnected parts with equipment, while shielding filters suitable for the required type of signal are used.

Modular structure allows for a remarkable flexibility of construction, permitting the realization of any technical requirement.

Shielding Room 100 dB unitl 18 GHz with burglary resistance RC3 upon EN1627-1630.

The main advantage is not only the High Level of Shielding Protection of 100 dB in a wide range of frequency from 156 KHz to 18 GHz, but also the Burglary Resistance and Bulletproof upon EN 1627-1630 and EN 1522 respectively, in the same modular construction panel system. The system is composed by different accessories like:


The demand for the improvement of access modes to shielded locales has evidenced how the doorway assumes a relevant significance and has contributed to the creation of types responding to different attenuation, of frequency requirements and values, both for magnetic and electromagnetic fields and plane waves.


Conductive gaskets made with different concentric metallic wire meshes. They may have sections double round. Standard material used is Copperweld, (Tinned-Copper). The wire suitable for your needs must be evaluated based upon the shielding and environmental specifications requested.


Different types of filters should be placed depending on the type of power cable. These are necessary for not having electromagnetic disturbances.


Honeycomb filters are utilized to obtain effective electromagnetic shielding while assuring, at the same time, excellent airflow. The filters may be provided in various materials, with or without EMI/EMC frame and gaskets (and environmental sealing), ready for installation.

EMI/EMC SCHIELDED WINDOWS (not recommended for high shielding levels)

Glassed areas make up a serious negative point for the guarantee of a shielding value of a room or of any electrical apparatus. So as to be able to close and define the concept of the Faraday Cage with a good compromise between visibility and the shielding value required, shielding windows, which may be of different thicknesses, are made, with standard, tempered glass, in transparent or coloured thermo-plastic material. Enclosed inside of this material there is, with the work of an autoclave, a mesh with an opening grade desired from 80 to 130 mesh, which may be In metallic wire, polyester or polyamide treated with copper or nickel, so as to obtain shielding efficiency.

With this product, it is guarantee the following attenuation values: between 60-75 dB in an electromagnetic field on a frequency scale over a frequency range between 9 KHz and 18 GHz.

The shielding room has 6 sided with modular panels:

  • Thickness: 60mm
  • Weight/m²: 30 kg/m²


  • IEEE299 we have to reach 35DB between the frequencies 9 KHz until 16 KHz and 60 dB from 16 KHz until 18GHz.
  • RC3 following EN1627-1630 for the vertical walls, the floor and the ceiling.


Suspended concrete slab designed to minimize effects of vibrations and earthquakes is a Patented Solution designed for protect all the Critical Environments against external vibrations and bigger earthquakes:

– Totally installed on site by our trained team upon request

More than 500 installations worldwide

Double Suspensión System to be faster in absorbing the energy.


  • Innovative design of suspended Concrete Slab for both vertical and horizontal energy absorption
  • Designed for protect the entire Bunker Room
  • Double vertical suspensions, with heavy duty spring elements supplemented with 100% stainless steel energy absorbers
  • Triple vibration isolation:

1 – Compression Damping at a very low frequency: 4.5 Hz at nominal load

2 – Tension Damping at a very low frequency: 25 Hz at nominal load

3 – Incorporation of safety dampers for overload up to 10 times the nominal load

Lateral displacement energy absorbers designed to 7 Richter or stronger design upon request

  • Suspensions designed totally with metallic pieces according FIRE protection standards
  • Very low Natural Frequency 2.5-4.0 Hz as standard, lower frequencies upon request
  • Notable increment of mass to reduce acceleration effects in the case of Earthquake
  • 99% vibration absorption during a wide range of loads from 50 Hz
  • Access and total level of the slab possible once installed and in the future
  • Noncorrosive metallic containers
  • Different sizes and thickness depending available space and weight.
  • Very low resonance frequency during a wide range of loads supported.



Slab surface (m2) 44.00
Weight equipment and / or people (kg) 30,000.00
Weight of slab (kg) 13,728.00
Total suspended weight (Kg) 43,728.00
No. of slab dampers 60.00
Stiffness Coefficient slab (KN/m) 29,598.00
Rigidity Coefficient of slab (Kg/mm) 2,959.80
Resonance Frequency Slab (r.p.m) 248.44
Resonance Frequency Slab (Hz) 4.14
Insulation rating for 25 Hz 97%
Insulation rating for 50 Hz >99%
% Insulation rating for 100 Hz >99.9%
Slab thickness (mm) 130.00

* customized manufacture for every Project