Magnetic Field Shielding in Data Centers protect the Critical Environment against magnetic fields, present in installations where strong currents are generated or transported, for example in transformer rooms, power lines, busbar systems and high-voltage cables.

According to EN 61000-4-8 level, protection with high magnetic permeability materials with the ability to absorb magnetic energy allows for the highest possible attenuation, making this shielding alloy the material of choice for reducing low-frequency electromagnetic interference.

Magnetic Field Shielding


  • Worthwhile / It occupies only a few space
  • Light weight / high floor load
  • Installed with local workforce
  • Standard finishing possible with pladur or similar
  • Without maintenance need

Magnetic Field Shielding


  • Computer Rooms
  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunications Rooms
  • Tape Storage rooms
  • Military Field
  • Embassies
  • Semiconductor plants
  • Bio-tech labs