Download Data Sheet of STRCard: Contamination Control Card

The specific ASHRAE Data Center Pollution Control regulations “2011 Gaseous and Particulate Contamination Guidelines For Data Centers” regulates the maximum permissible corrosion level in Copper and Silver for 1 month period:

  • Copper reactivity rate of less than 300 Å / month
  • Silver reactivity rate of less than 200 Å / month

Contamination Control Card will be installed inside the room, near the main door, to measure and control the level of corrosion of the room, which includes a report after 6 months-1 year taking environmental samples. Also controls the level of suspended particles, upon to ISO 14644-1.

Sample of Test Report:



After 6 months installation, send to us the Contamination Control Card by current mail or curier to receive in few days full report about Particle Counting and Corrosion to check about the status of Pollution of your Data Center.