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Individual Suspensions:               99% Vibration Protection for new or legacy racks, Non Conductive Individual Suspensions     
Non Raised Floor Plinth:      Basic Seismic Protection 3 axis and adaptable to any rack size, Non Conductive Non Raised Floor Plinth  
Non Raised Floor InRow Plinth:  For W300 InRow equipment, adaptable to different lenghts, Non Conductive Non Raised Floor InRow Plinth  
Raised Floor Plinth:                Fixed to Concrete, independent of raised floor and 6 deegres liberty: Compression & Tension  Raised Floor Plinth  
Cooling Plinth:                       External and Internal Units,      6 degrees liberty, free airflow path, avoid Tornado effect Cooling Plinth  
Concrete Slab:                        Best Performance, 2.5-4.5 Hz natural frequency, high mass and very big areas protected Concrete Slab  
Special Rack Plinth:                     6 Degrees Liberty and Tilt: Compression and Tension, avoid Tornado effect Special Rack Plinth  
Busbar:                                            6 Degrees Compression and Tension for Busbars and Trays, Non Conductive Busbar


Container Pads:                  Simple and Double size, 3 Axes and 6 Degrees Liberty, avoid Tornado effect Container Pads  
Electromagnetic Shielding: Magnetic Low and Electric High Frequency Shielding: TEMPEST EMP, HEMP, Solar Storms, etc. Copper Foil