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Temperature and humidity parameters are normally controlled in Data Centers, but no the vibrations introduced by the proper facilities equipment, near traffic ways, constructions and seismic activity; dust and particles in suspensión; switchboards proximity to the IT devices producing magnetic perturbations, etc. to appoint only a few of them.

Seismic Hazard and Vibrations will introduce Unexpected Accelerations to the data center that can arrive to the IT Equipment and Sensible Devices both in Vertical and Horizontal way.



UPTIME INSTITUTE in its standard Operational Sustainability limits the level of Seismic Activity in 0.8 m/s2 between Higher and Lower Risk:

Uptime Institute

Comparing this level of risk with historical maximum accelerations of the world, i.e. data from Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program (GSHAP) in the website of GFZ (click to create your personalized map area), then all areas painted from Yellow to Brown are in higher risk for IT Devices:

Global Seismic Hazard MapChecking Last Week Worldwide Earthquakes we can see the correspondence with previous risky areas:

In the case of Oscillatory Earthquakes accelerations will be horizontal and few vertical component, in the case of Trepidatory  Earthquakes mainly vertical acceleration will arrive to the IT Devices.



External Vibrations can corrupt the data, origined from different sources like:

Problem about Vibration and Seismic Data Center

Nearby Constructions, Railways, Heavy Traffic, Generators start or fan of Cooling Units

Normally are Vertical accelerations, due the verticality of our buildings an physical infratructure that contains crital envronments. Have a look to the following video about how vibrations affect data (


ASHRAE TC 9.9 in the Standard Structural and Vibration Guidelines for Datacom Equipment Centers limits the maximum level of acceleration able to support the IT Equipment on 0.07 g = 0,7 m/s2, quite similar to seismic limit.AHRAE TC 9.9

Then, in both cases a solution must be proposed to protect IT Devices and Physical Infrastructure Equipment, have a look to our solutions designed for different Systems and Scenarios.

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