Information we use all days is stored in Data Centers, specially designed to be redundant in Cooling, Power and Connectivity, with Fire and Water leakeage protection systems , Restricted Access, High Physical Security, etc.

Unespected Accelerations arriving to IT devices can corrupt the data, External Vibrations from different sources like:

Nearby Constructions, Railways, Heavy Traffic, Generators start or fan of Cooling Units, adittionally to the Seismic Hazard can affect the systems, causing problems like:

  • Increment of Latency in the operations
  • Increment of delays in calculus and storage
  • Increase of power consumption due the extra time
  • Errors in the process of Reading / Writing data
  • Corruption of the Data Bases
  • Losing of Information
  • Broken of Hard Disks
  • Disconnection of cabling and fibers
  • Extra hours paid in recovering the backups
  • Non accomplish of SLA’s
  • Raised Floor Collapse
  • Partial or full shut down

Our patented solutions are able to reduce level of external accelerations that will arrive to the IT devices and infrastructure systems by 99% upon the frequency only with metallic shock absorbers.

Offering different solutions based in the level of protection, magnitude, origin, device to protect, etc., for the whole Data Center:

  • Individual Suspensions for single racks
  • Different Metallic Plinths depending of the project
  • Suspended Concrete Slab

Finally the correct Clean Policy of the data center must help to reduce shut downs and failues in the cases of new developments before installing IT devices, nearby constructions, refurbish of near server rooms, or normal use of exiting data centers, accomplishing ISO 14644-1 standard.


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